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Notes and news on the power of product authentication for innovative brands and the consumers who value them.

Consumers want transparency from brands. Here’s why it starts with authenticity.

How Digitally-Connected Products Fuel Data-Driven Marketing

A Closer Look at Meaningfulness and Consumer Loyalty

Is 'connected' fashion a thing? Singles Day says yes.

Millennials are the Big Spenders When it Comes to Luxury

Brands Are Connecting with their Consumers Digitally

Secondary Markets, Grey Markets and the Human Cost of Counterfeiting: New...

Dear Burberry: Here's a better way to outsmart counterfeits

Are Direct-to-Consumer Brands Safer From Counterfeits? Yes and No.

Consumer Alliance is Key to Counterfeit Protection

6 ways fashion brands can be more sustainable

Waste in Fashion: Why Counterfeiters Take the Cake

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