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12 September 2018

Secondary Markets Are Hot. But At What Cost for Luxury?

If there is one thing that luxury and premium fashion houses have learned from the surging popularity of streetwear, it’s that trading in secondary markets like Grailed, Poshmark and eBay can supercharge a brand’s reputation with fashion-forward consumers.  

Limited-edition collaborations and “drops” of new products generate excitement from Millennial and Gen Z buyers that a traditional fashion calendar can’t. Shoppers “in the know” snap up new pieces as they’re released in brand-owned channels. A growing subset then go on to re-list their finds on reseller sites and social media channels — sometimes with staggering markups.

It’s difficult for brands to know precisely how many limited edition pieces end up in secondary markets, but all available evidence shows the trend is gaining steam. By one measure secondary market sales are expected to double by 2022, to $41 billion in the U.S. alone.

It’s not a strategy without risks, however.

To explore those, we dug into our data on real consumer transactions in secondary market platforms and compared them to sales in traditional online and offline retailers and shared them in our latest webinar, “ 3 Lessons for Luxury Brands Chasing Streetwear Hype in Secondary Markets.” 

This 30 minute session is now available for on-demand listening so you can tune in to find out: 

  • the real risk of encountering counterfeit products on leading resale platforms
  • why limited-edition drops and brand collaborations are among the most popular targets for fraudulent sellers
  • how new technologies for product authentication allow streetwear icon Stone Island to harness the hype of secondary markets and still protect precious trust with consumers.

This is must-see data for anyone planning a "streetwear strategy" to build brand value with consumers, available now by pressing the button below.

Watch the Webinar

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