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9 October 2018

Secondary Markets, Grey Markets and the Human Cost of Counterfeiting: New Resources From the Certilogo Library

The growing number of grey market sales channels, luxury resellers, and the secondary market as whole open doors for consumers and scammers alike. Check out our growing library of commentary and rare data insights on the fast-moving markets for pre-owned goods and prospecting grey market retailers and learn the risks they create for brands.

Also new is our latest report on the human cost of counterfeits, from tax evasion and organised crime to environmental destruction and human trafficking. Download our latest resources for a complete look at why empowering consumers to buy authentic is making a difference that matters.

3 Grey Market Insights You Can Only Learn from Consumers

The grey market isn’t new, but new technology is making it possible to track the movement of grey market products on their many paths from producer to end consumers. The key is a “connected products” strategy that allows consumers to scan what they buy to check authenticity and access exclusive brand content.

Watch the full 30-minute video to learn how your brand can use connected products for consumer engagement, rare insight into out-of-channel sales, and to empower your IP, commercial, and marketing teams with real-time intelligence.

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The Human Cost of Counterfeiting

Counterfeit production can’t be eradicated entirely but conscious consumers are demanding that brands take action against the damaging toll counterfeits take on the environment and the harm done to humans. Download this report to learn:

  • Why the human losses from counterfeits could double by 2022    
  • How honest citizens pay the costs when fakes aren't stopped
  • Why organized crime flourishes in the market for fakes
  • The hidden toll of counterfeits for the environment

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3 Lessons For Luxury Brands Chasing Streetwear Hype in Secondary Markets

Secondary markets are both a treasure trove and a high-risk endeavor. Fashion-forward streetwear fans are scrambling to score coveted labels on popular resale platforms, and luxury wants in on the action. But at what risk?

Watch this 30-minute webinar recording for an inside look at rare Certilogo data on real consumer sales on secondary market platforms and learn how brands like Stone Island are using product authentication to harness the benefits of secondary market hype, block counterfeiters from selling fakes as real, and protect precious trust with consumers.

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