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6 December 2018

How Digitally-Connected Products Fuel Data-Driven Marketing

Discerning shoppers want high-end products for their quality and the lifestyle that they reflect. These luxury brand buyers expect a high level of service to complement their purchases of jewelry, designer clothing or leather goods. Meeting their needs requires specific insight into their buying practices — and more than you’ll get from a two-minute satisfaction survey. As leaders in your industry, you need better ways to gather and use detailed data to target your marketing efforts and drive new revenue. Digitally-connected products are part of the answer to this pressing industry need.

Consumer Characteristics

Consumers who connect through digitally-connected products share certain characteristics. For starters, they’re highly motivated and more loyal than most other consumers.

Research shows that customers already registered in a brand's database make up 85% of luxury brand sales. When these databases accurately reflect consumer behaviours and desires, you are better able to personalise their shopping experience, encourage new purchases and enhance customer satisfaction. You will be able to spot new product possibilities while strengthening your bond with these consumers. The more you know, the more financial gain for your brand.

Big Data Advantages

Gathering in-depth data on your customers allows you a number of advantages in your marketing efforts. With the right information, you can accomplish the following:

  • Offer relevant warranties and warranty renewals

  • Evaluate effective discount offers - two for one, BOGO, etc.

  • Identify first-purchase categories - the items that are most likely to inspire return purchases

  • Discover the optimal discount level - the best discount to ensure both a profit and a loyal customer

  • Encourage cross-selling - suggest new product categories to keep consumers coming back

Sophisticated data collection allows you to attract and keep new customers and improve sales from current, loyal clients. Getting this information becomes much easier when you employ digitally connected products that allow you to identify and interact with loyal buyers anywhere on the globe, and in any purchase channel — including channels you don’t own.

Authentication and Data Collection

Fake luxury items are always a huge concern in the industry, and today’s counterfeits can be so convincing that even loyal brand consumers can struggle to tell what’s authentic. Fighting against counterfeits requires a reliable and easy-to-use authentication system like Certilogo.

Certilogo works with brands such as Versace, Stone Island, and Armani. Customers are invited to scan a security label or tag with their smartphone and receive an immediate determination if the item is authentic. This practice particularly appeals to brand loyalists who are heavily invested in your product's quality and real market value (including for resale).

As it authenticates, Certilogo gathers invaluable marketing data from the consumer requesting the service. When these customers engage with Certilogo, brands receive more in-depth information on a particularly valuable consumer — one who is already converted, interested in authentic brand products, and engaging by choice — regardless of where they shop. In turn, you can reward repeat customers, provide product after-care, offer targeted promotions and even drive new sales to brand-owned channels.

In other words, authentication does more than protect consumers and brand revenue from deceptive sellers: It opens a direct digital communication channel with your most motivated customers, everywhere they live and shop.

Consumers now expect digitally-connected items, especially in the luxury market. Your brand can only benefit by embracing this technology, and not only to protect your reputation and revenue from attack by counterfeits. Enhancing products with a meaningful option for digital engagement enriches the consumer experience, connects your brand with loyal customers, and opens a rich new source of data & analytics on sales taking place outside brand channels. Certilogo delivers that data in a branded digital package that protects, engages and delights your most demanding consumers — the ones who want to be sure the product they bought is authentic.

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