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3 July 2018

Watch On Demand: 3 Grey Market Insights You Can Only Learn from Consumers

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The grey market isn’t going anywhere, but today's technology makes it possible to track the movement of grey market products on their many paths from producer to end consumers. The key is making sure your products are “connected” to consumers digitally.

To learn how your brand can use connected products to become empowered and armed with real-time intelligence, watch this thirty-minute video now!

Here’s what's covered:

  • How connected products engage consumers to be your brand’s “eyes and ears on the ground”, allowing you to identify hidden grey market sellers online and in stores.
  • Why brands with connected products have more insight into out-of-channel sales — and more trust and bargaining power with suppliers and distributors.
  • What your brand can achieve by empowering your IP, commercial and marketing teams with real-time intelligence about grey market trading.

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